09/04/14:  Shootout Rifle Course

08/23/14:  Tactical Pistol Course (simulated weapon)

1.  Perpetrator Scenario Training:  this is high stress inoculation training vs. the Perpetrator Target System.  Ineffective movement and strong side/weak side vulnerabilities are the most often exposed weaknesses in most shooter’s early stages.  This course is less instructional and more experienced based.

2.  Simulated Weapon Training:  A lower-stressed environment ideal for learning new skills, utilizing training weapons.  Instructional goals include, moving off the line footwork while shooting and conforming to strong and weak sides of cover.  Pre-gunfight tactics/skills can also be repetitiously drilled in this instructional format such as the Tueller Drill (knife vs. gun from holster).

3.  Traditional Firearms Training:  The goal here is to shoot many rounds downrange to confirm skills worked in the Simulated Weapons Training Courses.  Students can confirm that they can accurately put rounds on target while either moving as a defense in the absence of cover, conforming to all sides (strong/weak side) of cover or other skills such as reloads and malfunction drills.

Concealed Carry Courses

Perpetrator Scenario Training Range Procedures:

  • Trainees fire live ammunition wearing certified headgear

    Yellow line is ball shot from the Perpetrator Target.
    Yellow line is ball shot from the Perpetrator Target.
  • OUF Range Instructor operates Perpetrator via PC joystick
  • Perpetrator Camera shows live video that is recorded for tactical review
  • After action video review provided to each trainee/small unit

Officer Under Fire® scenarios include:

Individual or Small Unit Tactics, Cover, No Cover, Shield Training, Shotgun, Long gun, multiple Perpetrator’s and decision based training. Your options are limitless!



Above left: Lateral Cover Scenario which the trainee must move laterally while engaging the Perpetrator.  Effective lateral movement while shooting accurately is undergone while in the face of live training rounds during this live fire engagement.

Above Right: Narrow Cover Scenario shows what the Perpetrator Camera sees.  This scenario forces the trainee to become  narrow in order to conform to cover while firing accurately in the Perpetrator.

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