Perpetrator Camera red dot


Perpetrator Gunfight System

1.  Perpetrator Gunfight Scenario Training:  this is high stress Perpetrator Camera red dotinoculation training vs. the Perpetrator Target System.  Essentially, a gunfight shootout where you engage the shooting and moving Perpetrator with live ammunition.

  • Less instructional and more experienced based course
  • The Perpetrator reveals a shooter’s poor lateral movement
  • The Perpetrator reveals a shooter’s body exposure from cover

2.  Instructional Training:  Baseline instruction is conducted traditionally with conventional steel and paper targets.  Paper targets for extreme close quarters under 5 feet.    Our instruction is to prepare Weapon Retention Shooting on the movestudents to handle shoot back scenarios, shooting live ammunition.

  • Intermediate level skills tests against conventional targets
  • Advanced level skills tests VS. the Perpetrator 
  • A shooter’s skills are tested via:
  1.   Shot placement on target
  2.   Movement, scanning and weapon handling skills
  3.   Minimal amount of training projectiles (deductions) landed upon shooter

Perpetrator Scenario Training Range Procedures:

  • Trainees fire live ammunition wearing certified headgear

    Yellow line is ball shot from the Perpetrator Target.
    Yellow line is ball shot from the Perpetrator Target.
  • Officer Under Fire Instructor operates the Perpetrator via PC
  • Perpetrator Camera shows live video that may be recorded for tactical review
  • After action video review provided to each trainee/small unit

Officer Under Fire® scenarios include:

Individual or Small Unit Tactics, Cover, No Cover, Shield Training, Shotgun, Long gun, multiple Perpetrator’s and decision based training. Your options are limitless!

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