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The Perpetrator Range Robot allows force on force firearms training with real, live weapons and ammunition.

Simulated weapons/ammunition scenario training have shortcomings of:

1.  Lack of recoil

2.  Lack of muzzle blast

3.  Low stress levels

4.  Lack of audible gunfire

5.  No instant playback of scenarios

There is no comparison to firing a simulated weapon at 400 feet per second vs. a real weapon firing 1200 feet per second.

Our years of experience have proven that trainees can do well in a ‘Simulated’ training situations, but tactics and accuracy falter when shooting live ammunition against the Perpetrator.

  • Have a Perpetrator 1000 question?  A Training question?

Q-Does the Perpetrator 1000 handle rough terrain like grass or gravel?

A-Not currently.  The Perpetrator 1000 was designed to move in a human-like manner by stepping lateral from behind cover in order to shoot at trainees in the range.  Other robots cannot do this without rotating to desired direction of travel and then re-squaring off against trainees in order to engage.  The result is a lengthy and unrealistic simulation of human movement and actions.

Our future model in development will be fully off-road capable while still being able to move laterally without rotation in a human-like manner.

Q-Why should I be shot at in the range if I am already an expert shooter?

A-In the adversity of stress and real life conditions, everyone’s skills deteriorate. By coming close to recreating reality in training, we can successfully overcome, skill-killing stress and have confirmation that our tactics hold together such as when the Perpetrator 1000 shoots us!
Q-Why not just use Airsoft, Paintball, or other Paint Bullet (ie. Sim) ammunition against training partners?
A-Simulated ammunition offers very effective training possibilities.  However, there is no substitute for shooting, real live ammunition, cracking in your hand(s) at 1000 feet per second.  Training with the actual weapons and ammunition that we carry for a living, cannot be recreated against another person.  You CAN though, shoot your real weapons and ammunition at me, the Perpetrator 1000 and I will shoot you back with safe training rounds at 250 feet per second!  I’ll record all your moves to make you better.

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