James Tadrowski:  Master Instructor & Concealed Carry Instructor

Illinois National Guard Staff Sergeant, 17 Year Veteran Police Officer

Jim was responsible for manning and training of HHC 1-178 Infantry Battalion small teams in observing, detecting and conducting sniper and counter-sniper operations.  Tactical response-high risk warrant service, NIPAS; Special Weapons Team, IL State Certified Firearms and Carbine Instructor, FBI Sniper Certified, SWAT Certified.          cell:  815.823.7025

Jeffery Johnson:  Master Instructor

Jeff has an extensive law enforcement background having many Police and NRA Instructor certifications.  Jeff’s passion and expertise in firearms leads him to constantly train in the best schools in the world on a routine basis.  Jeff offers his unique perspective as a trainer with this unique method of training against the Perpetrator Target System.


Daniel J. Spychalski:  President and CEO

Inventor of the ‘Perpetrator’ Shooting Range Simulator

17 year Police Veteran, Certified Firearms Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Numerous Black Belt Certifications, BJJ and MMA competition background


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