Marine Cpl. Kevin Xu:

“One of the worst battles occurred on June 13, 2010. It was my first time getting shot at, and it was a complex ambush.  The fire fight lasted 4 hours and was considered a victory; however, four were wounded.  My training with the Perpetrator was as close to live combat as I have ever experienced.” 


“I am sincerely impressed by the product/training device you guys have put together.  From a training/psychology standpoint, it is brilliant concept. And you can quote me on that!”

-Lt. Col. Dave Grossman:  Former West Point Psychology Professor, Professor of Military Science & Army Ranger


“Daniel [Spychalski of Officer Under Fire] was a presenter at the International Association of Law Enforcement Trainers in April of 2010. He taught a firearms course on responding to incoming rounds.  Daniel presented his invention, a remote controlled target [Perpetrator System]. The target presents the shooter with additional stress because it returns fire using an paintball-type munition.  As a sergeant in charge training for a medium-sized police department, I think there is great value this tool.  Anytime training can induce stress, the retention of the training will be increased.”



Sara Ahrens:  History Channel Top Shot Competitor/Patrol Sergeant & Firearm Instructor at Rockford Police Department/NRA Firearms Instructor


[Officer Under Fire] is passionate about keeping his fellow police officers safe on the street. His Officer Under Fire Perpetrator is an ingenious answer to the need for realistic police firearms training. It is destined to save lives.”

Brian McKenna: Owner-Winning Edge Training, Law Officer’s-Officer Down columnist


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