Thursday, April 24, 2014


Individual & Small Unit Training

Concealed Carry Courses

Tactical Programs for use with Individual or Small Units:

Range Procedures:

  • Trainees fire live ammunition wearing certified headgear
  • OUF Range Instructor operates Perpetrator via PC joystick
  • Perpetrator Camera show live video that is recorded for tactical review
  • After action video review provided to each trainee/small unit

Officer Under Fire® scenarios include:

Individual or Small Unit Tactics, Cover, No Cover, Shield Training, Shotgun, Long gun, multiple Perpetrator’s and decision based training. Your options are limitless!



Above left: Lateral Cover Scenario which the trainee must move laterally while engaging the Perpetrator.  Effective lateral movement while shooting accurately is undergone while in the face of live training rounds during this live fire engagement.

Above Right: Narrow Cover Scenario shows what the Perpetrator Camera sees.  This scenario forces the trainee to become  narrow in order to conform to cover while firing accurately in the Perpetrator.

Perpetrator Strategies:

Each scenario is conducted in the range or shoothouse in a progressive, building block manner:

  1. Targeting stage is essentially target practice upon a moving target. The Perpetrator moves and does not fire at this stage.  Trainees can be evaluated to ensure that they are prepared for incoming rounds.
  2. Taking Fire stage now exposes the trainee to being shot at from the Perpetrator. The goal here is to avoid being hit by utilizing defensive movement or utilizing cover, while offensively putting rounds into the Perpetrator Target Body.  Stress Inoculation definitely occurs here!
  3. Officer Hit stage begins with the trainees being physically shot. Fighting continues on by, firing accurate shots into the Perpetrator.  Physically feeling physical sensation of being hit and working through this added stress and continuing with gun-fighting skills is key to officer survival.

Our goal is to safely train officers to think, feel and believe that they were engaged in a real-life shooting against a moving, shooting offender.