Shield Loader System

Shield loader in use


Perpetrator Shootback Target System

  • US Patent Issued No: 2011/0045,445
  • Side steps from cover and shoots trainees without rotation                     
  • Moves forward, reverse, side to side, even diagonals, without needing to rotate
  • Video records from downrange providing after action training video review
  • Smooth targeting acquisition via video camera and red dot sighting system
  • Shoots inexpensive non-marking airsoft
  • Advanced Targeting System
  • Camera and training weapon are armor protected
  • Human like in appearance AND function
  • Target body can withstand 2000 rounds
  • Quick change battery packs

The Base Unit has protective armor absorbs rounds and protects internals from inadvertant low bullet hits intended for the target body.  



Reusable projectiles, affordable propellant refills and rechargeable battery packs keeps ongoing training costs extremely low.  Basic Target Body shown withstands over 2000 rounds.


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