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Perpetrator Shoot Back Target

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Real World Training

Perpetrator Shoot Back Target System

Magazine Loader System

Reload one-handed when two hands are not possible.

Perpetrator 3100 Series

Incoming round strikes trainee outside of cover line

The Perpetrator Shoots

  • Firearms training becomes offensive and defensive
  • Facts based correction of common range training shortcomings
  • Teaches effectively lateral movement and cover usage
  • A target that shoots back accurately
  • Computer-aided red dot system based off of 1st person shooter games
  • Designed for gamers to easily operate
  • Non-gamers can effectively run with practice

Human-like Effect

  • Highly advanced system that can gain tactical angles and slice the pie on trainees
  • Side-stepping with forward AND reverse.  Traditional targets CANNOT move this way; 
    • As a human stepping out of cover.
  • Adaptable targets of your choice fits simple a 2x4 or 1x2
  • Optional electronic scoring available as shown

The Foundation

  • The revolutionary base unit protects the internals 
  • Choice of Level 3A or Level 3 Armor
  • Internal & discreet training weapon does not artifiicially indicate point of aim
  • 1000 round magazine @ 350FPS
  • System run time up to 8 hours with quick change battery packs
  • Ground clearance adjustable, drop down front armor protects wheels

Perpetrator FAQ's

What if the glass gets shot?

We have planned for this through years of range training, allowing range instructors to easily keep the shooting going.  

  • Simply pull off the resilient mounted ballistic glass and press in a new camera glass.
  • No tools needed

What is the engagement distance range?

Perpetrator Camera view

We run shoot back scenario training from 5 ft. to 50 yards. 

Can I use the Perpetrator for low light firearms training?

Low light CQB training scenario around cover


What if it breaks?

  • We offer a full one year warranty covering mechanical and electrical systems.  
  • A 3 year powertrain warranty covers the drive motor systems.
  • Optional and extended warranties are available
    • Bullet damage warranty covers replacement parts at no charge

How do I get a Perpetrator?

  • We offer Perpetrator Systems for sale as well as leasing options
  • Governmental agency pricing offered upon request
  • Leasing programs require a deposit and monthly rental fee

What are the system options?

  1. Pistol Trainer (3100 series):  Level 3A armor, single mount battery pack
  2. Pistol Trainer Plus (3101 series):  Dual mounted batteries
  3. Rifle Trainer (3190 series):  Level 3 armor, dual mounted batteries
  4. Target Package:  
    1. Basic; Full size, 3 dimensional target body
    2. Deluxe; 3D target body with electronic scoring 
  5. Run time varies from an estimated 3 to 8 hours.  -1 minute battery change resets your run time.

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Police Training Academy

We firmly believe EVERY police training academy should have a Perpetrator to shoot back in live fire ammunition range training for new recruits.  -video of 1st generation Perpetrator 1000

Police Trainers' Opinions

Includes interviews with Law Enforcement professionals' first time experience with the Perpetrator System.

One-handed Magazine Loader

We have swat gear such as our patent pending product, the Magazine Loader System, swiftly enables one-handed pistol reloading when two hands are not possible.  An ultimate item of tactical police gear!  Designed for:

  • Shield Operators
  • K9 Officers
  • A wounded or disabled hand

Also check out our Perpetrator Shootback Target System that should be in every police training academy!